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Carano chess

Carano Chess Hero List | Arena of Valor Autochess Wiki

This is list hero Carano Chess with price and synergy list, you can see under. Price 1 Gold 2 Gold 3 Gold 4 Gold 5 Gold Synergy Demon Shadow hands Ninja Fallen Elf Federal Element Inventor Beastmen Norman Demigod Saint Demon Hunter Nine-tailed Warrior Tank Assassin Mage Marksman Support Sharpshooter Battlemage Berzerker Guardian

Top 5 Carano Chess AOV (ROV) Best Combo season 3| Arena of Valor Chess

The following is a list top 5 best Combo when you play Carano Chess ( Arena of Valor Chess). Combo 1: Beastmen – Demon List champion: 6 Beastmen 3 Demon Combo 2: Beastmen – Saint – Carry You can use to counter (Beastmen – Demon) combo. List full champion: 6 Beastmen 2 Saint 2 Carry […]

Items | Carano Chess | Arena of Valor Autochess Wiki

Equipment Introduction The following is a list of items in the game Carano Chess (Arena of Valor Autochess ) Sanctuary Cube Abyss Cube Forest Cube Castle Cube New items Guide used equipment for Hero How to match the equipment with the right heroes is also key to victory. Source: Arena of Valor