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Pokemon Counter Pick

PokemonCountered by
AbsolSnorlax, Crustle, Slowbro
BlastoiseGarchomp, Greninja, Lucario
CrustleBlastoise, Mr. Mime, Zeraora
MamoswineCinderace, Mr. Mime, Blastoise
SlowbroPikachu, Venusaur, Cramorant
SnorlaxAlolan Ninetales, Machamp, Cinderace
CharizardBlastoise, Zeraora, Mr. Mime
GarchompCinderace, Lucario, Gardevoir
LucarioSlowbro, Wigglytuff, Machamp
MachampCrustle, Cinderace
BlisseyZeraora, Absol, Venusaur
EldegossCinderace, Lucario, Zeraora
Mr. MimeMachamp, Zeraora, Blastoise
WigglytuffMachamp, Blastoise, Snorlax
GengarBlissey, Slowbro, Wigglytuff
TalonflameSlowbro, Lucario, Crustle
ZeraoraBlastoise, Snorlax, Slowbro
Alolan NinetalesBlastoise, Mamoswine, Garchomp 
CinderaceZeraora, Gengar, Lucario 
CramorantSlowbro, Greninja 
GardevoirBlastoise, Absol, Gengar
Greninja Slowbro, Zeraora, Lucario
PikachuZeraora, Gengar, Machamp
VenusaurAbsol, Zeraora, Garchomp

Tips Counter Pokemon

Absol: Pokemon that are highly durable, and have a hard disable can counter Absol’s critical-hit gameplay.

Blastoise: Pokemon that are durable, and mobile can counter what Blastoise wants to do.

Crustle: Hard lock-downs and interrupting moves can really mess up what Crustle aims to do in fights, causing Crustle to be ineffective.

Mamoswine: You can effectively take down Mamoswine by countering the hindrances by nullifying and zoning.

Slowbro: Attackers generally have the upper hand against Slowbro as they can outrange Slowbro’s disabling moves and strike from afar.

Snorlax: Whittling away at Snorlax’s health from afar is an effective way to deal with it.

Charizard: Charizard can easily be countered by Pokemon that have disabling moves and a better damage output.



Machamp: Since Machamp can’t usually be stopped by normal means because of Submission, the best alternative is to be evasive or be able to go to to toe and survive.

Blissey: Blissey is a walking ambulance and the only way to defeat a Blissey-supported team is to out-damage its heals.

Eldegoss: Eldegoss’s defenses aren’t exactly something to be afraid of but her healing does tend to prolong battles.

Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime cannot easily KO other Pokemon if unable to move or hindered from using is high mobility movesets.

Wigglytuff: Disabling is Wigglytuff’s middle name – take that away and Wigglytuff’s free food.

Gengar: Gengar struggles with those that can interrupt his dreaded Hex-Sludge Bomb combo or those that hinder the damage it can cause.

Talonflame: Talonflame will have unfavorable matchups against Pokemon that have a combination of disables and being tanky in general.

Zeraora: Zeraora is at its best when you get to attack every chance you get. It will be trouble when your opponents manage to stop your momentum.

Alolan Ninetales: Alolan Ninetales struggles with speedy attackers.

Cinderace: Zeraora’s insane mobility makes it difficult for Cinderace to position well in fights and skirmishes.

Cramorant: Cramorant can quickly lose a fight when its opponent manages to get close.

Gardevoir: Gardevoir has some nifty tricks up her sleeve but has some fragile defenses as well. A single well-timed combo as: Gengar’s Sludge Bomb-Hex combo as well as Blastoise’s Rapid Spin-Hydro Pump combo are excellent examples here.

Greninja: Greninja cannot easily KO other Pokemon if he is unable to move, or is hindered from using his high mobility movesets.

Pikachu: Closing the distance between you and Pikachu increases your chances of winning a fight.

Venusaur: Pokemon who are capable of closing distances very quickly and/or dealing high burst damage are powerful counters against Venusaur.

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