All Alien Artifact Locations Week 10 (Chapter 2 Season 7)

This is all All Alien Artifact Locations Week 10, at here you should be able to get the latest batch of artifacts.

See video where are all the alien artifacts :

Location 1Located in Stumpy Ridge, which is situated southeast of Weeping Woods.
( It sticks out on the map as a lone tree in a clearing. There’s no need to build anything, so just grab the goods.)
Location 2Located at Destined Dish, which is southeast of Misty Meadows.
(The Alien Artifact is found inside the container.)
Location 3Located at the Weather Station landmark, situated south of Catty Corner.
(Upon arrival, you should come to this large solar panel and Whack it with your Pickaxe)
Location 4Head to the center of Sharky Shell.
(Drop down to the first floor of the wreckage, and you should come to this large elevator door.)
Location 5At Shanty Town, west of Slurpy Swamp.
(On the dock that juts out into the central pond in the area, you should see the last artifact canister.)


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