Alistar Build S14 :: Runes, Items, Matchups [League of Legends]

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Best Alistar build guides for League of Legends S14. We works hard to help you craft the best Alistar build for the meta. Learn more about Alistar’s Runes, Items, Matchups.

Alistar Support

Alistar Spells

Alistar runes

  • Resolve
  • Inspiration

Alistar Items


Full Items

Alistar Skill


Alistar charges his roar by stunning or displacing enemy champions or when nearby enemies die. When fully charged he heals himself all nearby allied champions.


Alistar smashes the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies and tossing them into the air.


Alistar rams a target with his head, dealing damage and knocking the target back.


Alistar tramples nearby enemy units, ignoring unit collision and gaining stacks if he damages an enemy champion. At full stacks Alistar’s next basic attack against an enemy champion deals additional magic damage and stuns them.


Alistar lets out a wild roar, removing all crowd control effects on himself, and reducing incoming physical and magical damage for the duration.

Alistar Ability Order

Skill order: Q > W > E


Alistar Combo

Combo 1: You engage using Headbutt, while activating Pulverize mid-dash, so it will cast upon reaching your target. This will negate the knockback, and instead, be knocked upwards, giving them little time to react.

Combo 2: If an enemy face checks a brush you’re standing in, you can Pulverize them to prevent a quick escape, and then Headbutt them back into your team, or an allied tower, securing a quick kill.

Combo 3: You can use this engage, much like the Q – W combo above, but without waiting for an enemy to face check. You catch the enemy offguard in lane with your Flash, and then Headbutt them back into your tower, or a jungler awaiting a gank. You can then Pulverize as they try to escape past you.

Combo 4: If you’re vs a melee support, this is a good catch combo to turn a skirmish to your favor. Stack Trample on the support, then rapidly switch targets to the ADC with Headbutt – Pulverize, giving them no time to react, and then stunning them as they land with your already prepared Trample stun!

Alistar Tips and Tricks

Alistar Pros and Cons


  • Insane amounts of CC.
  • Has a nice amount of sustain with passive.
  • Alistar is extremely fun to play.
  • Really good Engage.
  • Can catch out of position enemies well.


  • Does not do great in most matchups.
  • His main engage combo(W Q)can be dodged by mobility and canceled by hard CC.
  • If you mess up an engage it can be punished easily by the enemy.
  • Alistar has very long cooldowns on his abilities.

Alistar Threats & Synergies



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