Batman build guide Aov s24: Arcana, Rune, Items and Counter

Share the best ways to build Batman jungle and solo lanes season 17. When dressing up for Batman you need to pay attention to the following points.

Batman is a champion with built-in passive powers so it doesn’t matter how much game he can play. It is important that Batman’s viability is guaranteed for his shots.

The most suitable is both damage and resistance, which helps Batman to stay in the lane longer if he goes Lane.

Overview Batman



Hero Spotlight


Batman has become a symbol of dark justice that hangs over Gotham City. Born into wealth as Bruce Wayne, he witnessed his parents murdered in front of him as a boy. This tragedy transformed his entire existence, reshaping him into the consummate crime-fighter… read more

Batman Summoner Spells


Batman’s Arcana

We should use arcana:

Onslaught x 10Attack Damage: +2
Armor Pierce: +3.6
Assassinate x 10Attack Damage: +1.6
Movement Speed: +1%
Skewer x 10Attack Damage: +0.9
Armor Pierce: +6.4

Batman’s Items

Items Effect

+60 Attack Damage

+6% Life Steal (Grants Frostbite)

Unique Passive – Souleater: The next normal attack or ability targetting an enemy hero deals additional (225 +level*10) magic damage. For the next 3 secondsall damage dealt against enemy heroes in melee range is increased by 5% (25-second cooldown).

Unique Passive – Cooldown Speed +15% Unique Passive – Hunter: Deals 30% extra damage to monsters and receives 35% more experience from killing monsters.

Unique Passive – Wild: Increases attack damage by 2 for every monster killed. Stacks up to 30 times.

Glided Greaves

110 Magic Defense

Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60 Unique Passive – Resistance +35%

Broken Spear

+100 Attack Damage

Unique Passive – Windwalk: Increases movement speed by 10% after exiting battles: Unique Passive – Break: Increases armor pierce by 100 (+10 per level)

Omni Arms

+70 Attack Damage

+15% Attack Speed

+8% Life Steal +10% Cooldown Speed

+400 Max HP Unique Passive – Elemental Power: After using an abilitythe next normal attack within 5 seconds deals 100% more physical damage. 2-second cooldown.

Unique Passive – Speed Up: Normal attacks increase movmenet speed by 10%.”

Fenrir’s Tooth

+200 Attack Damage

Unique Passive – Fenrir’s Tooth: Increases all damage dealt by 30% when the target’s HP is below 50%.

Blade of Eternity

+120 Armor

Unique Passive – Nirvana: Resurrects 2 seconds after death and gains 2000 + (hero level x 100) HP. Cooldown 150 seconds. (Tihs skill can only be triggered up to 2 times in the same match).

Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: Increases damage dealt by 10%.

Batman’ Rune



Counter Batman


Use Batman’s Dark Knight to get close to enemies, then look for protection opportunities from allies and mount a surprise attack. Activate Dark Knight again to deal a quick burst of damage. You can also activate Dark Knight while in the brush to prevent enemies from detecting Batman on the mini-map and escaping.

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