Dota Underlords Healer build : Stats, Items

Dota Underlords Healer Guide | Items Builds – Best Healer build guides for Dota Underlords for the meta. Learn more about Healer’s Stats, Abilities, Alliance.


  • All friendly healing is amplified by 25%.
  • All friendly healing is amplified by 45%.


Dazzle: Dazzle sends out a bolt of power that arcs between up to [3/4/5] allies that are 3 cells apart, healing each ally for [80/140/200] while damaging any enemy units 1 cell away for [80/140/200]. Dazzle is always healed by Shadow Wave.

Enchantress: Enchantress summons a cloud of [3/5/7] wisps that heal all allies up to 4 cells away.For 11 seconds, allies heal 40 health every 1.5 seconds.

Omniknight: Omniknight instantly heals a friendly unit for [200/400/720] and damages all enemy units [1/1/2] cell away.

Treant Protector: Treant Protector plants a life-sapping seed in an enemy unit, draining its health by [100/150/200] every 1 seconds, while simultaneously slowing its attack and movement speed by -50%.The seed heals friendly units up to 1 cell away from the target. Lasts 5 seconds. Jumps to a new target within 1 cell if the current target dies.


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