Dota Underlords Human build: Stats, Items

Dota Underlords Human Guide | Items Builds – Best Human build guides for Dota Underlords for the meta. Learn more about Human’s Stats, Abilities, Alliance.


  • Allies generate 4 mana per second.
  • Allies generate 8 mana per second.
  • Allies generate 15 mana per second.


Crystal Maiden: Encases an enemy unit in ice, prohibiting movement and attack, while dealing [100/150/200] damage per second for 5 seconds. Targets affected by frostbite cannot be healed.

Dragon Knight: Unleashes a breath of fire in front of Dragon Knight that burns enemies for [150/200/250] damage and reduces the damage their attacks deal by [25/35/45]% for 4 seconds.

Keeper of the Light: The Keeper of the Light channels energy, building power the longer it’s channeled. Once released, a wave is sent forth that deals [175/225/275] damage per second channeled.

Kunkka: Kunkka summons a ghostly ship that sails through the battle before smashing apart, dealing [50/125/250] damage and stunning all enemies up to [2/2/3] cells away from the wreckage for [1.0/1.3/1.7] seconds.

Legion Commander: Legion Commander targets the lowest health enemy 1 cell away and they are forced to attack each other for [4.0/4.75/5.5]s. Neither hero can use abilities nor be healed. If either hero dies during the duration, the hero winning the Duel gains permanent [5/8/12] bonus damage. ([20/32/48] bonus damage in Knockout)

Lina: Lina unleashes a bolt of lightning, dealing [750/950/1900] damage to a single unit and setting them on fire for 5.0 seconds.

Lycan: Lycan summons [2/2/4] wolves transforms and gains [30/40/50]% to his max health, his move speed is boosted to 650 and gains 40% chance to Critical Hit for [150/175/200]% Damage

Omniknight: Omniknight instantly heals a friendly unit for [200/400/720] and damages all enemy units [1/1/2] cell away.


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