Dota Underlords Void Spirit build 2023 : Stats, Items, Alliance

Dota Underlords Void Spirit Guide | Items Builds 2023 – Best Void Spirit build guides for Dota Underlords for the meta. Learn more about Void Spirit’s Stats, Abilities, Alliance.

Void Spirit
Void Spirit
Level1 star2 star3 star
Attack Speed1.001.001.00
Move Speed305305305
Attack Range111
Magic Resist000


Skill: Dissimilate

Void Spirit enters the aether, disappearing and creating 3 portals. After 1.3 seconds, he exits one of the portals and deals [200/300/400] damage to enemies within 1 cell, reducing their armor by [10/15/20] for 5 seconds.




  • All allied heroes have a 40% chance to deal an additional 4% of the target’s Max Health as Pure Damage. This effect can only occur once every 0.5 seconds.


  • When a Spirit casts an ability they enter a charged state. When 3 Spirits are in a charged state they perform the forbidden technique of the triangular Delta Slam, each dealing 130 magic damage to all enemies caught inside and applying their elemental effects for 1.5 seconds. Damage and effect duration are multiplied by 1.5 at 2* and 2 at 3*

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