Nakroth AOV s24 build guide : Arcana, Rune, Items and Counter

How to play Nakroth ?

Nakroth can quickly maneuver around the map to pick off targets and help push objectives. Narkroth needs items, arcana, rune to stronger in Arena of Valor.

Overview Nakroth



Hero Spotlight


Your sins will be judged in the underworld.

Nakroth served as the Arbiter of Souls to the underworld. Prince or pauper, sinner or saint, all must face his judgment before continuing their journey to the underworld.

When Preyta opened the channel between the underworld and the continent, Nakroth joined Hell’s Legions in invading the mortal realm. However, unlike the ruthless Fallen, the souls under his command were prohibited from killing prisoners and civilians under his strict code. For Nakroth, combat was the means to test his mettle against the most formidable adversaries available, not an excuse for unbridled slaughter.

Of course, Nakroth’s benevolence did not extend to the battlefield, where he inspired deep reverence in his enemies for his bravery and skill. No one would dare ignore Nakroth’s presence. The blade he wields is the source of our nightmares. Although usually reserved, Nakroth couldn’t help but give a faint smile upon hearing such words from his enemies.

In life or in death, you will not escape me.



  • Highly Mobile
  • Great at Ganking
  • Effective Split Pushe


  • Squishy
  • Falls Off Late Game 

Nakroth’ Spell


Nakroth’s Arcana

We should use Arcana:

Atrocity x 10Critical Chance: +1.6%
Guerrilla x 10Attack Speed: +1%
Movement Speed: +1%
Skewer x 10Attack Damage: +0.9
Armor Pierce: +6.4

Nakroth’s Items

Soulreaver+60 Attack Damage
+6% Life Steal (Grants Frostbite)
Unique Passive – Souleater: The next normal attack or ability targetting an enemy hero deals additional (225 +level*10) magic damage. For the next 3 secondsall damage dealt against enemy heroes in melee range is increased by 5% (25-second cooldown).
Unique Passive – Cooldown Speed +15% Unique Passive – Hunter: Deals 30% extra damage to monsters and receives 35% more experience from killing monsters.
Unique Passive – Wild: Increases attack damage by 2 for every monster killed. Stacks up to 30 times.
Glided Greaves+25 Attack Speed
Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60
Rankbreaker+25 Attack Speed
Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60
Omni Arms+70 Attack Damage
+15% Attack Speed
+8% Life Steal
+10% Cooldown Speed
+400 Max HP
Unique Passive – Elemental Power: After using an abilitythe next normal attack within 5 seconds deals 100% more physical damage. 2-second cooldown.
Unique Passive – Speed Up: Normal attacks increase movmenet speed by 10%.
Claves Sancti+90 Attack Damage
Unique Passive – Gift of the Swift: Increases hero’s movement speed by (3-45) for 1.5 seconds after landing a critical hit. Only usable by ranged heroes.
Unique Passive – +25% Critical Chance Unique Passive – +50% Critical Damage
Blade of Eternity+120 Armor
Unique Passive – Nirvana: Resurrects 2 seconds after death and gains 2000 + (hero level x 100) HP. Cooldown 150 seconds. (Tihs skill can only be triggered up to 2 times in the same match).
Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: Increases damage dealt by 10%.

Nakroth’s Rune



How to counter Nakroth

Stun Nakroth whenever possible becauseThe assassin is very vulnerable.

Keep your distance from Nakroth because he can dash up to three times and easily close the gap between you. 

Champion Counter Nakroth:


When things are too hot, use Death Sentence to escape and position yourself for a counter attack. If Nakroth’s other abilities are on cooldown, you can use Judgment’s Blade to avoid enemies’ control effects.

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