TFT Revenant (Origin) Set 5.5: Comps, Items Build

TFT Revenant (Origin: Revenants revive after their first death each combat. Once revived, they take and deal 30% increased damage.

  • 2 – Revive with 10% Health
  • 3 – Revive with 30% Health
  • 4 – Revive with 60% Health
  • 5 – Revive with 100% Health


Items build

After a brief channel, Fiddlesticks teleports behind his target and summons a murder of crows for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage per second to all enemies within. Enemies that die within the flock extend its duration by 1 second and heal Fiddlesticks Health.

Ivern summons his Sentinel friend Daisy to fight with him, gifting her 100% of his Ability Power. Daisy immediately casts Shockwave upon arrival. If Daisy is already summoned, Ivern increases her Ability Power and commands her to cast Shockwave again.

Every third attack, Nocturne slashes all adjacent enemies for 125% of his Attack Damage, and heals himself for a percent of the damage dealt. If only one target is hit, Nocturne increases his Attack Speed for 3 seconds.

Volibear leaps toward his target then slams the ground in a large area around him, removing any shields, dealing magic damage and knocking up and stunning enemies.

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