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The strongest Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom ?

You know Cookie Run Kingdom is a tactical fighting game between Cookies, where players choose the strongest team to fight the Boss or other players.

So which Cookies should you choose to help you win the match?

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are game characters divided into different types and rarities. Their roles include: Magic, Ranged, Support, Charge, Defense, Healing.

A fighting team consists of 5 Cookies, the choice of which Cookie depends on the player.

The Strongest Cookies

According to cookie run kingdom tier list 2024 at, this is the list of the strongest and most used Cookies.

  • Snapdragon Cookie
  • Stardust Cookie
  • Pitaya Dragon Cookie
  • Capsaicin Cookie
  • Hollyberry Cookie
  • Moonlight Cookie
  • Sherbet Cookie
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie
  • Eclair Cookie
  • Blueberry Pie Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • Space Doughnut
  • Squid Ink Cookie
  • Captain Caviar Cookie
  • Cream Puff Cookie
  • Wildberry Cookie
  • Madeleine Cookie
  • Crème Brûlée Cookie
  • Rebel Cookie
  • White Lily Cookie
  • Butter Roll Cookie
  • Street Urchin Cookie

Top 5 strongest Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

First is Snapdragon Cookie, she is a must-have support in your squad. Snapdragon Cookie not only heals well but also causes a lot of damage to enemies.


The second is Stardust Cookie, he is an Ambush that deals high damage and is used to destroy enemies behind the enemy team. Stardust Cookie marks the enemy with the highest damage, flies into the sky, and lands on their location.


Third is Pitaya Dragon Cookie, he is a Charge who fights in the front and has good resistance while also dealing a lot of damage to the enemy. Pitaya Dragon Cookie fires two dragon blade-shaped energy waves that deal damage and reduce enemy healing.


4th is Capsaicin Cookie, he is also a Charge. He transforms into magma power with basic attacks that deal a lot of damage, erupting lava that burns enemies.


5th is Hollyberry Cookie, she is a Defense with outstanding resistance. Hollyberry Cookie will rush forward to become a shield for her teammates behind.


The strength and weakness of each Cookie depends on their role and position in your squad. The information we provide is for reference only.

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