LOL Wild Rift Xerath Guide

League of Legends: Wild Rift Xerath Build Guide| Runes, Item Builds. Get to know how his abilities and ability Order for Xerath.

Xerath is an Ascended Magus of ancient Shurima, a being of arcane energy writhing in the broken shards of a magical sarcophagus.

 Xerath is a very strong champion without any mobility.


  • Role: Mage
  • Difficulty: Hight
  1. PASSIVE – MANA SURGE: Xerath’s basic attacks periodically restore Mana.
  2. Skill 1 – ARCANOPULSE: Fires a long-range beam of energy, dealing magic damage to all targets hit.
  3. Skill 2 – EYE OF DESTRUCTION: Calls down a barrage of arcane energy, slowing and dealing magic damage to all enemies in an area. Targets in the middle receive additional damage and a stronger slow.
  4. Skill 3 – SHOCKING ORBDeals magic damage to an enemy and stuns them.
  5. Ultimate – RITE OF THE ARCANE: Xerath immobilizes himself and gains numerous long-range barrages.
High damage
Extremely safe
Very little hard matches
High range
Bad if you can’t land skillshots
No mobility
Low damage without items

Xerath’s Spells Wild Rift

Xerath’s Runes Wild Rift

Xerath’s Items Wild Rift

Xerath’s Starters


Xerath’s core items

Full Items

  •  Mid Lane Xerath Item Build
  • Best Item Build VS AD, AP, Assassin Champions
  • Best Item Build VS TANK Champions

Ability Order Xerath Wild Rift

Skill Order: Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Skill 3


Combo Xerath Wild Rift

  • Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Ultimate.

Counter to Xerath Wild Rift


  1. Try to hit your opponent with Arcanopulse as they walk in their minion wave, as this will accomplish two goals at once – poking them and shoving the wave.
  2. Try to hit your opponent with either Arcanopulse or Eye of Destruction every time you have your Arcane Comet and Manaflow Band available.
  3. If you do have to farm under your own turret, Shocking Orb does a lot more damage than an autoattack and is very helpful for making sure you don’t miss minions.
  4. Xerath is a perfect early to midgame carry champ, but you need to recognize when games need to be closed.
  5. Try to poke as much as possible and help your botlane out with your ult.
  6. You can walk to around dragon pit to ult so it is often not needed to do a full roam.

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