Top 5 best Top lane Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Hey Guys! This is Blog Game Gametimeprime and this guide is about best top lane Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Pokemon Unite starters: Which Pokémon should you pick?

There are 5 Pokémon to choose from when you play top lane in Pokémon Unite: Snorlax, Crustle, Alolan Ninetales,  Blastoise, Cramorant.

Top 1: Snorlax

Snorlax can take a lot of hits. It’s a dependable Pokémon that can protect its allies from harm.


An Immovable Fortress that Outputs AoE Disables

Being able to shut down a lane at times with Block and Heavy Slam, Snorlax is a Pokemon that is welcome in the majority of teams.

Snorlax’s Unite Move is Power Nap, an attack in which Snorlax nods off and can roll around in its sleep to attack its opponents.

Top 2: Crustle

Crustle hinders its opponents using many different moves.


Defense into Offense

Crustle is still the defensive or offensive powerhouse depending on the situation.

Crustle with Shell Smash and coupled with X Scissor can turn defense into offense with a press of a button.

By using its Unite Move, Rubble Rouser, Crustle covers itself in a swirl of rocks and keeps its opponents from getting anywhere near it.

Top 3: Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales uses moves that freeze its opponents in ice, making them unable to move or attack.

Alolan Ninetales

Slows and Disables Followed By High Bursts

Alolan Ninetales can apply frost stacks from its abilities which can freeze enemies. Its also capable of switching between an auto attack based playstyle or a ranged CC playstyle.

Alolan Ninetales uses a Unite Move called Snow Globe, an attack in which it creates a blizzard around itself to freeze its opponents.

Top 4: Blastoise

Blastoise has a massive body to shield its allies with—and the power to blast away its opponents with water.


An Actual Tank

High HP, High Damage, and decent fight control makes Blastoise a Pokemon with few counters and sits on the cusp of being broken.

Its Unite Move is Hydro Typhoon. Blastoise spins around and shoots out powerful blasts of water, washing away all opposing Pokémon around it.

Top 5: Cramorant

Cramorant is the Gulp Pokémon. Cramorant’s Ability, Gulp Missile, allows it to attack by spitting out prey it catches with Dive.


Waves of Fish and Damage

Cramorant’s damage output has been nerfed in the recent patches but it is still quite high. It can go melee as a burst attacker or play as a control ability caster from afar and its UNITE move can shutdown teams if used in an advantageous position.

Its Unite Move, Gatling Gulp Missile, is another of Cramorant’s specialties. It shoots out a flurry of Gulp Missiles at any opposing Pokémon that approach.

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