Top 5 best Jungler in Pokemon Unite

Hey Guys! This is Blog Game Gametimeprime and this guide is about best Jungler Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Pokemon Unite starters: Which Pokémon should you pick?

There are 5 Pokémon to choose from when you play Jungle in Pokémon Unite: Greninja, Blastoise, Zeraora, Talonflame, Absol.

Top 1: Greninja

Greninja is a Pokémon that uses smokescreens and illusory copies of itself to hide.


A Sneaky Assassin/Attacker Pokemon

Greninja is an attacker that has a playstyle similar to Speedsters. It can still be played with a standard ranged attacker build but it truly shines by being sneaky and assassinating enemy backlines.

Its Unite Move is Waterburst Shuriken, an attack in which Greninja deals massive damage to opponents by throwing a huge water shuriken down on them from above.

Top 2: Blastoise

Blastoise has a massive body to shield its allies with—and the power to blast away its opponents with water.


An Actual Tank

High HP, High Damage, and decent fight control makes Blastoise a Pokemon with few counters and sits on the cusp of being broken.

Its Unite Move is Hydro Typhoon. Blastoise spins around and shoots out powerful blasts of water, washing away all opposing Pokémon around it.

Top 3: Zeraora

Zeraora can close the distance between itself and its opponents as fast as lightning, dealing massive amounts of damage all at once.


Unbridled Mobility and Damage

Zeraora is what the ideal jungler should be. Its capable of clearing camps with ease, it has great mobility, and its ganking power both early and late.

Its Unite Move, Plasma Gale, sends out a powerful electric blast that creates a field of lightning around the area where the blast hits.

Top 4: Talonflame

Talonflame toys with the opposing team by using its moves to quickly maneuver itself and fly over obstacles.


Long Distance Burst or Extreme Elusiveness

Talonflame can be played as a long distance burst Pokemon or a slippery burst Pokemon. No matter what playstyle you choose, it can deal high amounts of damage.

Talonflame’s Unite Move is Flame Sweep, an attack in which Talonflame charges forward over a long distance while cloaked in flame, shoving its opponents aside.

Top 5: Absol

Absol is a Pokémon that can close the distance in an instant and deal massive amounts of damage.


The Critical Striker

Absol is the best Pokemon to use if enjoy seeing big damage numbers. However, Absol’s high critical strike rate and damage is gated by its high skill cap for effecient and effective play especialy due to its low defensive stats.

Its Unite Move, Midnight Slash, is an attack in which Absol slashes and throws opposing Pokémon while dealing great damage to them.

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