Dota Underlords Savage build : Stats, Items

Dota Underlords Savage Guide | Items Builds – Best Savage build guides for Dota Underlords for the meta. Learn more about Savage’s Stats, Abilities, Alliance.


  • Allied Savage units gain +5 Attack Damage each time they land an attack.
  • Allied Savage units and all allied summons of any alliance gain +8 Attack Damage each time they land an attack.
  • All allied units gain +13 Attack Damage each time they land an attack.


Bristleback: Bristleback sprays quills from his back, damaging all enemy units 2 cells away. Enemies take [20/40/80] damage along with an additional [30/32/34] damage for each stack of Quill Spray they have been hit with this round up to a maximum of 5 stacks.

Lone Druid: Summons a powerful Spirit Bear companion.

Lycan: Lycan summons [2/2/4] wolves transforms and gains [30/40/50]% to his max health, his move speed is boosted to 650 and gains 40% chance to Critical Hit for [150/175/200]% Damage.

Magnus: Magnus enrages a friendly unit, granting it +[30/50/80]% damage and [30/50/80]% Cleave for 20 seconds.

Pangolier: Pangolier jumps in the air and slams back into the ground, doing [150/300/450] damage to enemies within 2 cell and gaining 8% damage reduction per enemy for 10 seconds. After the jump all enemies in attack range focus on Pangolier.

Spirit Breaker: Spirit Breaker charges towards a distant enemy, hitting it and enemies along the way for [100/150/200] damage and stunning them for [1.0/1.3/1.7] seconds.

Tusk: Tusk connects with his mighty Walrus Punch, a critical strike that deals [300/350/400]% damage and launches its victim into the air for [1/1/1.5] second(s). Upon landing, the victim is slowed by 40% for [2/2/3] seconds and loses [0/0/40] Attack Speed. Tusk cannot be killed while punching.


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