LOL Wild Rift Heimerdinger Guide

Heimerdinger Wild Rift Build Guide: Rune, Items, Summoner Spells, Combo and Tips. Heimerdinger ability to Great split pusher.

Heimerdinger wild rift skills

  1. PASSIVE – HEXTECH AFFINITY: Gain Movement Speed while near allied towers and turrets deployed by Heimerdinger.
  2. Q – H-28 G EVOLUTION TURRET: Heimerdinger lays down a rapid-fire cannon turret equipped with a secondary pass-through beam attack (turrets deal half damage to towers).
  3. W – HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS: Heimerdinger fires long-range rockets that converge on his cursor.
  4. E – CH-2 ELECTRON STORM GRENADE: Heimerdinger lobs a grenade at a location, dealing damage to enemy units, as well as stunning anyone directly hit and slowing surrounding units.
  5. R – UPGRADE!!!: Heimerdinger invents an upgrade, causing his next spell to have increased effects.
+ Great split pusher / Zoning
+ Sustain with passive
+ Strong Anti-Gank , 1v2 with heimer is common
– Generally Squishy, slow, and no escape
– when falling behind its hard to catch back up.

Heimerdinger Wild Rift Summoner Spells

  • Flash: This is the best summoner spell in the game.
  • Ignite is extremely powerful on Heimerdinger, giving Heimerdinger that extra bit of kill pressure that she needs.

Heimerdinger Wild Rift Runes

Runes for Heimerdinger: Electrocute > Brutal > Regeneration >Manaflow Band

Heimerdinger Wild Rift Items Build



Core items

Full Items

Heimerdinger Wild Rift Ability Order

Skill Order: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3


Combo Heimerdinger Wild Rift

Skill 1 -> AA > Skill 1 > Skill 3 > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > AA > AA > ULT > Skill 2

Threats & Synergies




If you have a Rabadon’s Deathcap during the Baron Nashor steal or Dragon steal you will significantly increase your chances of success!

Always remember when stealing objectives:

  • Turrets for vision.
  • Ult Grenade for the steal.
  • Skill 2 with the follow up.

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