Helen AOV S24 build guide : Arcana, Rune, Items and Counter

How to play Helen Aov ?

Helen Arcana, Rune, Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Helen is classified as a Support who has ability speed up and slow down the attacker’s run.

Overview Helen



Hero Spotlight

Spell for Helen

  • Lane

Arcana for Helen

We should use Arcana:

Indomitable x 10Attack Speed: +1%
Max HP: +33.7
Armor: +2.3
Colossus x 10Max HP: +75
Valiance x 10Max HP: +37.5
Cooldown Speed: +0.6%

Items Helen

  • Lane
Tidal Force Cleansing
Flashy BootsCooldown Speed +15%
Movement Speed +60
Tome Of The ReaperAbility Power +240
Max HP +500
Soul Prison: On dealing damage, reduces target’s HP regeneration by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If this is triggered by normal attacks, the duration is extended to 3 seconds.
Frosty’s RevengeAbility Power +140
Max HP +850
Movement Speed +5%
Chill: Abilities that deal damage will also reduce enemy movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.
Hecate’s DiademAbility Power +240
Warlock: Ability Power +35%
Holy of HoliesAbility Power +400
Enlightenment: Increases maximum HP by 1400

Run for Helen


Veda & Lokheim

Hero counter to Helen

Video Guide

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