Illaoi TFT Items Set 6

Hey Guys! This is Blog Gametimeprime and this guide is about TFT Illaoi items and comps set 6.

Cost: 1$

Harsh Lesson

Illaoi slams her target, linking their souls for 5 seconds and dealing magic damage. While linked, Illaoi is healed for a percent of the damage taken by her target.

  • Damage: 175 / 300 / 500
  • Healing Percent: 30% / 35% / 40%

Items Build

What items are good on Illaoi TFT?


Gargoyle Stoneplate
Gargoyle Stoneplate


Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape


Warmog's Armor
Warmog’s Armor




Gain a treasure chest that opens when you win combat against a player. At the start of each planning phase, roll the dice to add more loot to the chest! The longer you’ve gone without opening the chest, the luckier the dice.

  • 3- Roll two dice.
  • 5- Roll a third dice that grants you a bonus orb right away.


All allies have increased Health. Bruisers gain double this bonus.

  • 2- 150 Health
  • 4- 300 Health
  • 6- 500 Health
  • 8- 900 Health

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