Jinx TFT Items Set 6

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Cost: 5 $

Super Mega Death Rocket

Jinx rides her rocket high into the sky. After a moderate delay, she comes crashing down near the center-most enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies around the epicenter, and 50% of the damage to all other enemies in a large area. The epicenter is left burning for the rest of combat, applying a percent Burn to friends and foes who remain inside other than Jinx.

  • Damage: 400 / 600 / 3000
  • Percent Burn: 2% / 2.5% / 3%

Items Build

What items are good on Jinx TFT?


Guinsoo's Rageblade
Guinsoo’s Rageblade


Hand of Justice
Hand of Justice


Runaan's Hurricane
Runaan’s Hurricane




At the start of combat, a number of incomplete components on Scrap champions turn into an ephemeral full item for that combat. Additionally, at the start of combat, Scrap champions gain a Health shield increasing with each item equipped in your army.

  • 2 -1 incomplete component
  • 4- 3 incomplete components
  • 6- All incomplete components; Health bonus is doubled


  • 2- Sisters are empowered by trying to one-up each other. Vi’s ability range increases by two hexes. Jinx gains stacking Attack Speed for 3 seconds on takedown.


Whenever a Twinshot attacks, they have a chance to attack twice instead.

  • 2- 40%
  • 4- 70%
  • 6- 100%

Video guide

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