TFT Colossus Comp Set 6

Hey Guys! This is Blog Gametimeprime and this guide is about TFT Colossus Comp and Item Build set 6.

Innate: Colossus are bigger, more powerful, and take up two slots in your army.

  • 1- Colossus are immune to Crowd Control effects.
  • 2- Colossus take 25% reduced damage.


Items build

Cho’Gath devours the lowest Health enemy within range, dealing magic damage. If this kills the target, Cho’Gath gains a stack of Feast. Each stack of Feast grants 2% bonus Health and size permanently.

Passive: Galio’s critical strikes slam the ground, dealing bonus magic damage to enemies around his target. Galio becomes invulnerable and leaps into the sky before crashing down on the largest group of enemies. Enemies within a large radius take magic damage and are knocked into the sky. The lower the enemy’s maximum Health is compared to Galio’s, the further they are knocked up.

Sion winds up for a moment, then smashes his axe down. All enemies within a large area are knocked up, stunned, and dealt magic damage.

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