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Renata Glasc Voice Lines

Renata Glasc Quotes

“I remember starving in the sump, a pathetic little nothing of a girl. Look at me now!”
“Every fashionable Piltovan owns at least one of my products. So trusting, so naive.”
“There’s a reason I call the shots.”
“I don’t forgive debts, and I never forget them.”
“Progress comes at a price others aren’t willing to pay.”
“Throw scraps to the hungry, and they thank you for the feast.”
“Zaun deserves more.”
“I don’t need to get my hands dirty. Oh, but I do enjoy it.”
“Ambition isn’t greed.”
“Zaun is not beneath Piltover, no matter how it may appear.”
“She who controls the Sun Gate controls the world!”
“Most chem-barons are lackeys who failed upward.”
“Years of investing in Zaun has paid off handsomely.”
“Empires aren’t built on enough.”
“No-one even thought to invest in chemtech before I did.”
“The other chem-barons fear my reach, as they should.”
“Piltover will suffer for its crimes against me.”
“My decanter is just one more pawn to push.”
“I used to have rivals, now I have business partners.”
“Wealth writes the laws that governments enforce.”
“Ah, the air is so much thinner up here.”
“Piltover doesn’t deserve the Sun Gate.”
“Competition is for the weak. I dominate.”
“Who said chemtech can’t be beautiful?”
“Power can be bought, much like loyalty.”
“All my parents left me was my name. Now, it’s worth millions.”
Taunt‘I’ll make you kill your loved ones’ is a more effective threat than any gun.”
Joke“I mean, it’s one health potion. What could it cost, ten thousand gold?”
Attack“Get a job!”
“High-class chemtech.”
“Watch the suit!”
“Money talks.”
“Worthless wretch!”
“Your value’s dropped!”
“Don’t hold your breath!”
“Die for me.”
“I said jump!”
“We’re downsizing.”
“I’m busy.”
“Breathe deep!”
“Waste of my time.”

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