Shaco Build S14 :: Runes, Items, Matchups [League of Legends]

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Best Shaco build guides for League of Legends s14. We works hard to help you craft the best Shaco build for the meta. Learn more about Shaco’s Runes, Items, Matchups

Shaco Jungle

Shaco Spells

Shaco Runes

  • Domination
  • Precision

Shaco Items


Full Items

Shaco Skill


Shaco’s basic attacks and Two-Shiv Poison deal additional damage when striking from behind.


Shaco becomes Invisible and teleports to target location. His first attack while Invisible is empowered, dealing bonus damage and critically striking if he attacks from behind.


Shaco creates a hidden animated Jack-in-the-Box. When triggered, it will fear and attack nearby enemies.


Shaco’s Shivs passively poison targets on hit, slowing their movement speed. He can throw his Shivs to deal damage and poison the target. The thrown Shiv deals bonus damage if the target is below 30% health.


Shaco creates an illusion of himself near him, which can attack nearby enemies (Deals reduced damage to turrets). Upon death, it explodes, spawning three mini Jack in the Boxes and dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Shaco Ability Order

Skill order: E > Q> W

Shaco Ability Order

Shaco Combo

Shaco Tips and Tricks

Shaco Pros and Cons


  • Very Strong LVL 3 and LVL 6 Power Spikes
  • Able to play with Ignite for strong early Duels and Ganks
  • Insanely Frustrating to play against
  • Arguebly the best Assassin to 1v9 with
  • Very snowbally
  • Great Splitpush
  • Easy to take Objectives with Ult
  • Huge Outplay potential
  • Very powerful when Mastered
  • Best LVL 1 Clear in the game
  • Doesn’t need a Leash
  • Fast Clear with 3 points in his Box
  • Good Counter Jungler


  • Somewhat useless if behind
  • A couple of Bugs that make it a tad frustrating to play Shaco at times
  • Requires Items to be strong
  • Takes time to Master him fully
  • Invading and destroying his Boxes LVL 1 makes the first clear really tough
  • Armor greatly reduces Shaco’s damage

Shaco Threats & Synergies



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