Cassiopeia Build S14 :: Runes, Items, Matchups [League of Legends]

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Best Cassiopeia build guides for League of Legends s14. We works hard to help you craft the best Cassiopeia build for the meta. Learn more about Cassiopeia’s Runes, Items, Matchups.

Cassiopeia Mid

Cassiopeia Spells

Cassiopeia Runes

  • Sorcery
  • Domination

Cassiopeia Items


Core items

Full items

Cassiopeia Ability

  1. PASSIVE – SERPENTINE GRACE: Cassiopeia gains Move Speed per level, but she cannot purchase Boots items.
  2. Q – NOXIOUS BLAST: Cassiopeia blasts an area with Poison after a brief delay, granting her increased Move Speed if she hits an enemy champion.
  3. W – MIASMA: Cassiopeia releases several clouds of poison, slowing, grounding, and lightly damaging enemies that pass through them. Grounded enemies cannot use Movement abilities.
  4. E – TWIN FANG: Cassiopeia lets loose an attack that deals increased damage to Poisoned targets and heals her for a percentage of the damage dealt. If the target dies from this attack, Cassiopeia regains Mana.
  5. R – PETRIFYING GAZE: Cassiopeia releases a swirl of magical energy from her eyes, stunning any enemies in front of her that are facing her and slowing any others with their back turned.

Cassiopeia Ability Order

Skill order: E > Q > W


Cassiopeia combo

Best combo: R > FLASH > W > Q > E > E > E > E…

Cassiopeia Tips and Tricks

  • Use you E to farm, it refunds mana on minion kill and its great for stacking tear as well.
  • You can use Q to poison the minions, your E heals you when casted on poisoned targets.
  • Throw your Q first, your E deals a lot more damage and even heals you if the target is poisoned.
  • Have in mind that if you use R+flash, ults locayion wont change.
  • In team fight you want to stun as many enemies as possible, you can use flash to achive that.

Cassiopeia Pros and Cons

+ Insane DPS
+ Huge outplay potential
+ 6-item lategame scaling
+ Very rewarding
– Immobile
– Mana hungry early game
– VERY High skillcap
– Short range

Cassiopeia Threats & Synergies



Cassiopeia is a deadly creature bent on manipulating others to her sinister will. Youngest and most beautiful daughter of the noble Du Couteau family of Noxus, she ventured deep into the crypts beneath Shurima in search of ancient power. There, she was bitten by a gruesome tomb guardian, whose venom transformed her into a viper-like predator. Cunning and agile, Cassiopeia now slithers under the veil of night, petrifying her enemies with her baleful gaze.

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