Tel’Annas AOV s24 build guide : Arcana, Rune, Items and Counter

How to play Tel’Annas Aov ?

Tel’Annas Arcana, Rune, Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Tel’Annas is a strong marksman who is inescapable once she marks her prey. She kites enemies with her long range auto attacks.

Overview Tel’Annas



Hero Spotlight

After bidding farewell to her verdant homeland where she had slumbered for a millennium, the newly awakened Elven Queen Tel’Annas shone like the morning star… Read more

Tel’Annas’ Spell


Tel’Annas’ Arcana

We should use Arcana:

Blitz x 10Attack Speed: +1.6%
Critical Chance: +0.5%
Guerrilla x 10 Attack Speed: +1%
Movement Speed: +1%
Skewer x 10Attack Damage: +0.9
Armor Pierce: +6.4

Tel’Annas’s Items

War Boots+25 Attack Speed
Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60
Claves Sancti+90 Attack Damage
Unique Passive – Gift of the Swift: Increases hero’s movement speed by (3-45) for 1.5 seconds after landing a critical hit. Only usable by ranged heroes.
Unique Passive – +25% Critical Chance Unique Passive – +50% Critical Damage
Slikk’s Sting+35% Attack Speed
+25% Critical Chance
+7% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – Blessing of the Wind: Increases a hero’s resistance by 35% for 2 seconds after landing a critical.
Bow of Slaughter+90 Attack Damage
+15% Critical Chance
+10% Life
Steal Bloodthirst: Increases Life Steal by 90% for 3 seconds. 60-second cooldown. Only usable by ranged heroes.
Muramasa+75 Attack Damage
+10% Cooldown Speed
Unique Passive: Armor Pierce 45%
Blade of Eternity+140 Ability Power +10% Cooldown Speed +220 armor Unique Passive – Torture: Ability damage inflicts additional magic damage equal to 3% of target’s current HP (up to 80 against monsters) for 3 seconds.

Tel’Annas’s Rune



Hero counter to Tel’Annas


Tel’Annas’ Eagle Eye has a very long range, so use that to your advantage to keep the enemy from advancing as well as kite them with the passive. When enemies are grouped together, use Arrow of Chaos at the right time to dish out tons of damage, knock them back, and stun them.

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