LOL Wild Rift Thresh Guide

Champion guides for the League of Legends Wild Rift champion Thresh. We share items to build, runes to select, tips and tricks for how to how to play Thresh. You can also find other League of Legends Champion Wild Rift Guides.

  • Role: Support
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Thresh’s Spells Wild Rift Build

Thresh is an aggressive playmaker so Ignite is, like Flash, an extremely good rune on him by default.

  • Flash: Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction (150 second cooldown).
  • Ignite: Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60 − 410 (based on level) true damage over 5 seconds and inflincting them with Grievous Wounds, reducing healing effects by 50% (90 second cooldown).

Thresh’s Runes Wild Rift

  • Aftershok: Immobilizing an enemy champion grants a static 50 (+ 50% bonus armor) bonus armor and 50 (+ 50% bonus magic resistance) bonus magic resistance for 2.5 seconds.
  • Weakness: Slowing or Immobilizing an enemy champion marks them for 5 seconds, while marked they take 5% increased damage.
  • Loyalty: You gain 2 AR and 5 MR.
  • Pack Hunter: While neary ally champions, gain 2% bonus movement speed..

Thresh’s Items Wild Rift

Thresh’s Starters


Thresh’s core items

Full Items

  •  Support Thresh Item Build (Dragon Lane)
  • Best Item Build VS AD, Assassin Champions
  • Best Item Build VS Ap, Tank Champions

Ability Order Thresh Wild Rift

Skill Order: Skill 3 > Skill 1 > Skill 2


Combo Thresh Wild Rift

Skill 1 > Flash > Skill 2 > Skill 1 > Skill 3

Threats & Synergies



Why play Thresh

+ High base damage
+ Strong lane phase anywhere
+ Tons of utility
+ Plenty of gank potential ( Dark Passage from Fog of War)
+ Utility
+ Self peel ( Flay and The Box)
+ Free armor and AP from Damnation
+ Really OP roams
+ Almost impossible to towerdive
+ Ranged champion. Doesn’t get bullied by melee’s
+ Infinite scaling
-Can be zoned off minions and souls
– Ranged champion (higher execute threshhold for minions)
– Out-damaged by most champions
– Skillshot dependent ( Death Sentence)
– Weak to crowd control. Flay and The Box only escapes
– No sustain or healing
– Bad waveclear
– Very slow first auto windup (25% as fast as most other champions)



Thresh can harvest the souls of enemies that die near him, permanently granting him Armor and Ability Power.


Thresh binds an enemy in chains and pulls them toward him. Activating this ability a second time pulls Thresh to the enemy.


Thresh throws out a lantern that shields nearby allied Champions from damage. Allies can click the lantern to dash to Thresh..

Skill 3: FLAY

Thresh’s attacks wind up, dealing more damage the longer he waits between attacks. When activated, Thresh sweeps his chain, knocking all enemies hit in the direction of the blow.

Ultiamte: THE BOX

A prison of walls that slow and deal damage if broken.

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