Top 10 PUBG teams in the world 2023

Welcome to! ] This share is about top 10 PUBG teams in the world 2023. The ranking is based on teams’ achievements over the past 6 months, the points will decay over time until they will disappear after 6 months or 24 weeks.

Top 10 PUBG teams in the world

1Vampire EsportsSEA1245
2Godlike StalwartSA982
3Nova EsportsCHN967
4Nigma GalaxyME&A958
5Falcons EsportsME&A915
7DS GamingKR-JP865
8ReganS GamingCHN848
9DAMWON GamingKR-JP829
10Morph TeamSEA745
Update August 2022

Top 1: Vampire Esports

  • Location:Thailand
  • Region:South East Asia

Vampire Esports is a Thai PUBG Mobile team.

Top 2: Godlike Stalwart

  • Location:Mongolia, India
  • Region:Asia
  • Coach:Mongolia
  • Manager:Barsha “Wraith” Sarkar

Godlike Stalwart is an Indian organization, currently competing in PUBG Mobile from the Mongolian region.

Top 3: Nova Esports

  • Location:China
  • Region:Asia
  • Coaches: Liao “笑容” Liangguang
  • Manager: “MZZ”

Nova Esports (China) is Chinese team of Peacekeeper Elite.

Top 4: Nigma Galaxy

  • Location:India, United Arab Emirates
  • Region:Asia

Nigma Galaxy is a UAE-based Esports organization. Spread across a diverse international roster of 10 teams the organization has professionals from 22 countries.

Top 5: Falcons Esports

  • Location:Saudi Arabia
  • Region:Middle East
  • Coaches: Issam “joyboy” Fadili
  • Manager: Abdulaziz Turki “Mr3zo” Alanazi, jad “Crusher” ibrahim

Team Falcons (also known as Falcons Esports) is a Saudi Arabian esports organization which is currently hosting competitive teams in Fortnite, Call of Duty, PUBG and Rocket League.

Top 6: D’Xavier

  • Location:Vietnam
  • Region:South East Asia
  • Coach: Ge
  • Manager: Ge

D’Xavier (also known as Dingoz Xavier) is a Vietnamese PUBG Mobile team.

Top 7: DS Gaming

  • Location:South Korea
  • Region: Korea
  • Coach:Janchi
  • Manager: KM

DS Gaming (also known as DEOKSAN Gaming) is a South Korean team.

Top 8: ReganS Gaming

  • Location:China

Regans Gaming is a Chinese peacekeeper elite team.

Top 9: DAMWON Gaming

  • Location:South Korea
  • Region:South Korea

DAMWON Gaming (also known as DWG KIA for sponsorship purposes) is a Korean esports organization.

Top 10: Morph Team

  • Location:Indonesia
  • Region:South East Asia

Morph Team is a Indonesia PUBG Mobile team , a Multi-gaming organization based in Indonesia.

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