Pubg Mobile South Asia Ranking 2024

Welcome to! ] This share is about Pubg Mobile South Asia Ranking 2024. The ranking is based on teams’ achievements over the past 6 months, the points will decay over time until they will disappear after 6 months or 24 weeks.

Pubg Mobile South Asia Ranking

1Godlike Stalwart750
2i8 Esports528
3Trained To Kill493
452 Esports439
5Seal Esports424
6Team TUF409
7Deadeyes Guy364
9IHC Esports317
10Team Qwerty315
11DRS Gaming285
13Skylightz Gaming223
14MetershotsxSKY Esports219
15Savage Esports212
16The Grounders196
17Vibes Esports190
18Free Style179
19Quantum Rage174
21Clarity Esports140
22Phantom Esports139
237Sea Esports126
24Magnus Esports119
25Venom Legends105

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