Wigglytuff counter Pokemon Unite – Best Counters for Wigglytuff

Hey Guys! This is Blog Game Gametimeprime and this guide is about best Counters for Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff is a Pokémon that can close the distance in an instant and deal massive amounts of damage.

Pokemon counter Wigglytuff

Best pokemon counters for Wigglytuff are: Machamp, Blastoise, Snorlax, Slowbro.

Machamp: Can ignore all off Wigglytuff’s disables with Submission and outdamages you in short and long duels.Starts in the jungle so you can’t early-counter them in lane.

Blastoise: Similar to Machamp, Blastoise ignores all of Wigglytuff’s debuffs using Rapid Spin.Blastoise can also outdamage Wigglytuff by attacking while spinning or using its Unite Move.

Snorlax: A Snorlax can punish Wigglytuff by pushing off Wigglytuff and stunning them using Block. This can keep you from going near to lash out debuffs.Snorlax can also avoid your debuff either by using Block to push you away or Heavy Slam to escape.

Slowbro: Slowbro is Wigglytuff’s lane counterpick. It has a stronger early game than Wigglytuff and can debuff at a much safer distance. Slowbro can also consistently poke Wigglytuff in lane keep you from going aggro and limit you near your goal. Slowbro’s access to Surf later on can zone a wider area and can cancel Wigglytuff’s Rollout.

Tip counter Wigglytuff

Disabling is Wigglytuff’s middle name – take that away and Wigglytuff’s free food.

Certain Pokemon in the roster hard counters Wigglytuff by simply nullifying disables using their skills or craftily dodging it and get away from Wigglytuff’s Sing aura.

Undersand about Wigglytuff


  • Decent disabler.
  • Can deal decent damage for a support.


  • Needs team coordination.
  • Low HP.

Its Unite Move, Starlight Recital, provides protection to Wigglytuff and its nearby allies.

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