Wild Rift Season 2022

We’re Gametimeprime  Uncover the newest Wild Rift updates new champions, elemental rift, wild pass, skins, and events that are supposed to arrive in Wild Rift Season 2022. Look forward to new gameplay changes with the Elemental Rift, as well as new champions.

Upcoming champion

First on the list and arriving later this month is Sett and Yuumi.



Sett’s basic attacks alternate between left and right punch. Right punch is slightly stronger and faster. Sett also hates losing, gaining additional health regeneration based off of his missing health.


Sett’s next two attacks deal additional damage based off of the target’s max health. Sett also gains movement speed while moving towards enemy champions.


Sett passively stores damage he takes as Grit. On cast, Sett expends all stored Grit to gain a shield and punch an area, dealing true damage in the center and physical damage on the sides.


Sett pulls in all enemies on opposite sides of him, dealing damage and stunning them. If enemies were only on one side, they are slowed instead of stunned.


Sett carries an enemy champion through the air and slams them into the ground, dealing damage and slowing all enemies near where they land.




Periodically, when Yuumi attacks a champion, she restores mana and gains a shield that follows her, protecting her and the ally she’s attached to.


Yuumi fires a missile, dealing damage to the first target hit. It deals bonus damage and slows if it takes at least 1 second to get to its target. While Attached, the missile can be controlled with your cursor.


Passively, Yuumi increases her ally’s Adaptive Force and her own. Actively, Yuumi dashes to a target ally, becoming untargetable from everything except turrets.


Heals Yuumi and boosts Movement Speed and Attack Speed. If she’s attached, she passes it to her ally instead.


Yuumi channels seven waves of damage, rooting anyone hit by three or more. Yuumi can move, attach, and cast Zoomies! while channeling.

The last two champions who will arrive in the next Patch 3.1 are Karma, The Enlightened One, and Shen, The Eye of Twilight.

Elemental Rift

When the player’s own team is the first to defeat three dragons, it will get an additional buff called Dragon Soul which matches the game´s Elemental Rift.

Dragon Elemental EffectBuff
MountainIt adds new terrain in the jungle areaArmor & MR and a shield
InfernalIt removes certain walls and brushAP & AD and all Attacks will create explosions
CloudIt gives extra movement speed at certain areasExtra healing when attacking enemies
OceanIt adds more brush and extra honey fruitMS & slow resistance and additional MS after Ultimate

Skin & Even

A lot of upcoming skins have been shown with the majority of skins coming from the same thematic. The three big skin lines shown were Heartbreakers/Heartseeker, Infernal and Cottontail. The champion who will receive this year´s skin is Diana, Xin Zhao, Tristana, Teemo, and Sett.

The next event which will launch at the end of January will be the Lunar New Year event. As for only Wild Rift exclusive events, the Wild Rift team wants to bring more events with less downtime, in between them.

Wild Pass & Guild System

This time around the champion who will get the Hexplorer WiThe devs are changing up the thematic for the upcoming Wild Pass. This time around the champion who will get the Hexplorer Wild Rift Pass exclusive skin is no one other than Galio and the last skin of the Hexplorer skin line for now.

The developers had created the Guild system in the past to grant players more exciting ways to play with their friends .

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