Counter Ornn Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Ornn

I will share the topic: ”How to Counter Ornn in wild rift?”

Ornn can create masterwork items for himself and for his allies.

To counter Ornn, you need…

Who can counters Ornn in wild rift?

Top Lane

Items counters Ornn in wild rift?

Using items armor penetration and Grievous Wounds.

Understand Ornn


  • Has a lot of stuns.
  • Improves items for yourself and allies.
  • Extends stun thanks to its Brittle.
  • Can build items on the line.
  • Is very durable in fights.
  • Very rarely banned.
  • Useful even when is weaker.


  • Has a big mana problem.
  • Tough fight with ranged champions.
  • Is weak in split push.
  • Can not buy disposable items.
  • Is not mobile.
  • Only two skins.
  • His skills are easy to avoid.

Tips Counter Ornn

In team fights, avoid grouping too closely as Ornn can use his Ultimate to get a multi-person knock up. Constantly adapt your positioning in lane so Ornn is unable to knock you up with his Skill3.

Use the numbers advantage to start a team fight while he is away from his team.

Refrain from using any major CC abilities on Ornn when his Bellows Breath is off cooldown.

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