Yorn AOV S24 build guide : Arcana, Rune, Items and Counter

How to play Yorn AOV ?

Yorn Arcana, Rune, Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Yorn is Markman strong who relies on both his basic attacks and damaging skills to deal large amounts of damage.

Overview Yorn



Hero Spotlight

As the chief of the Holy Knights, Yorn had a strong body, handsome face, and brilliant archery skills. In battle, however brutal or gory it was, Yorn always took his stride in leading the Holy Knights to victory and glory. Because of his gracefulness, he was often mistaken as a fairy. In fact, Yorn was completely a human before being baptized. He was born in the Holy Hall and raised religiously. Yorn’s… Read more

Yorn’s Spell


Yorn’s Arcana

We should use Arcana:

Blitz x 10Attack Speed: +1.6%
Critical Chance: +0.5%
Guerrilla x 10Attack Speed: +1%
Movement Speed: +1%
Skewer x 10Attack Damage: +0.9
Armor Pierce: +6.4

Yorn’s Items

War Boots+25 Attack Speed
Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60
Fafnir’s Talon+60 Attack Damage
+30% Attack Speed
+10% Life Steal
Unique Passive – Dragon’s Breath: Normal attacks deal additional physical damage equal to 8% of target’s current HP (0.3-second internal cooldown).
Claves Sancti+90 Attack Damage
Unique Passive – Gift of the Swift: Increases hero’s movement speed by (3-45) for 1.5 seconds after landing a critical hit. Only usable by ranged heroes.
Unique Passive – +25% Critical Chance Unique Passive – +50% Critical Damage
Slikk’s Sting+35% Attack Speed
+25% Critical Chance
+7% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – Blessing of the Wind: Increases a hero’s resistance by 35% for 2 seconds after landing a critical.
Muramasa+75 Attack Damage
+10% Cooldown Speed
Unique Passive: Armor Pierce 45%
Death Sickle+60 Attack Damage
+5% Cooldown Speed
Unique Passive – Divine Intervention: Prevents damage from a potential killing blowthen increases movement speed by 20% for 1 second90-second cooldown.”

Yorn’s Rune



Hero counter to Yorn


Position Yorn appropriately when he is about to unleash his burst of arrows (his passive). Heavenly Barrage is very useful for team battles and laning, and is best used after each cooldown.

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