Top 5 Aov best hero for rank 2024

List top 5 best hero for rank are: Hayate, Raz, Butterfly, Riktor, Fennik.

Top 1: Hayate

Hayate is an Marksman who has very high mobility, great damage… Read more

Top 2: Raz

Raz is a mage who ability utilize his short cooldown to wear out the enemies… Read more

Top 3: Butterfly

Butterfly is an extremely powerful assassin with hand damage and close combat moves that easily knock down weak targets in a snap… Read more

Top 4: Riktor

Riktor is very agile, able to dash around the battle field with Jungle Strike and resist enemy fire with Retaliate…Read more

Top 5: Fennik

Fennik is capable of inflicting massive damage from a long distance… Read more

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