Top 5 Strongest Hero AOV [ Arena of Valor 2024 ]

List top 5 strongest hero aov are: Wukong, Eland’orr, Lu Bu, Riktor, Fennik. You can choose to rank match.

Top 1: Wukong

 Wukong is a gladiator general but plays in the direction of assassins because of the extremely fast dame-stacking skill….Read more

Top 2: Eland’orr

Eland’orr is a marksman who extraordinary Skills. He can move very quickly and teleport by using his Skills…. Read more

Top 3: Lu Bu

Lu bu can resist enemy fire and regenerate his health while duking it out with opponents… Read more

Top 4: Riktor

Riktor is very agile, able to dash around the battle field with Jungle Strike and resist enemy fire with Retaliate…Read more

Top 5: Fennik

Fennik is capable of inflicting massive damage from a long distance… Read more

Individual skills are also extremely important for climbing ranks, if the team is too early, now is the time to prove yourself.

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