Best Crustle Pokemon Unite build 2024:: Items & Moves

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Best Crustle build guides for Pokemon Unite 2024. We works hard to help you craft the best Crustle build for the meta. Learn more about Crustle’s abilities, Items, Moves, Combo & Gameplay.

Tier Rating: SS Rank Icon
Role: Defender
Attack Type: Melee
Damage Type: Physical
Difficulty: Novice

Crustle Pokemon Unite build

Rock Tomb Build

  • Moves
  • Held Items
  • Battle Items

Offense Build

  • Moves
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Ranged Harass Build

  • Moves
    • Held Items
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    Bruiser Build

  • Moves
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  • Crustle Moves and Ability

    Move Slot 1 (R):

    Rock Slide(Lv. 1 or 3): Drops a large rock at the targeted area. When the rock lands, it damages the nearby enemy Pokemon and stuns them for a short amount of time.

    Shell Smash(Lv. 4)-Upgrade Lv. 11: Smashes your shell, converting Defense and special Defense into attack and special attack, and increases Movement Speed for 5 seconds.

    Rock Tomb(Lv. 4)-Upgrade Lv. 11: Launches a projectile that creates a wall of rocks at a target area that prevents Pokemon from walking through for 3 seconds. Any opponents hit by the move will receive damage. Activate again to remove the wall.

    Move Slot 2 (ZR):

    Fury Cutter(Lv. 1 or 3): Use claws to cut enemy Pokemon and damages them. If you hit the same opponent in a row, the damage dealt increases. The damage bonus is maxed out at 3 hits.

    X-Scissor(Lv. 6)-Upgrade Lv. 13: Attacks opponents in front of you three times in a row and knocks them back with each hit. If the enemy is knocked into a wall, they become stunned.

    Stealth Rock(Lv. 6)-Upgrade Lv. 13: Throws a projectile in a straight direction. When the projectile hits an enemy Pokemon or flies the maximum distance, a zone of floating pebbles is created for 4 seconds. Enemy Pokemon within that zone will continuously take damage, which gradually increases.

    Unite Moves (ZL):

    Rubble Rouser(Lv. 9): Gathers rocks to form a shield. Upon activation, will damage and stun enemy Pokemon nearby and for 10 seconds, enemies nearby will take damage. Taking damage will deal additional damage to Pokemon nearby

    Standard Attack:

    Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack. When this boosted attack hits, it deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreases their movement speed for a short time.

    Ability (Passive):

    Sturdy: Increases Defense and special Defense based on missing HP.

    Crustle’s Combo

    Combo 1: Rock Tomb ► Stealth Rock

    Crustle Combo 1

    Combo 2: Rock Tomb ► X-Scissor

    Crustle Combo 2

    Combo 3: Shell Smash ► X-Scissor

    Crustle Combo 3

    Crustle’s Pros and Cons


    • Can be a support or a damage dealer
    • Can effectively change the layout of the map
    • Extremely mobile with Shell Smash


    • Effective use requires skill shot proficiency
    • Higher damage output only occurs at low health

    Crustle’s Gameplay

    Crustle hinders its opponents using many different moves.

    By using its Unite Move, Rubble Rouser, Crustle covers itself in a swirl of rocks and keeps its opponents from getting anywhere near it.

    Threats & Synergies for Crustle



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