Coven (Origin) TFT Set 5: Comps, Items Build

At the start of combat, the Champion nearest to the center of your Coven Champions is chosen as the Coven Leader, gaining 50% bonus Ability Power. Each time a Coven Champion casts, 25% of the cost is bestowed upon the Coven Leader as mana.


Items build

Morgana fires chains to nearby enemies, dealing magic damage. After 3 seconds, all chained enemies are dealt an additional magic damage and stunned.

Lissandra hurls a dagger toward the enemy with the highest Attack Damage, dealing magic damage to the first target it hits. After hitting its initial target or at its final destination, the dagger explodes dealing magic damage to nearby targets. All enemies hit by this spell have their Attack Damage reduced by 40% for 4 seconds.

LeBlanc launches ethereal chains at the two enemies nearest her, dealing magic damage and, after a short delay, stunning them.

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