Dota Underlords Warrior build 2023 : Stats, Items

Dota Underlords Warrior Guide | Items Builds 2023 – Best Warrior build guides for Dota Underlords for the meta. Learn more about Warrior’s Stats, Abilities, Alliance.


  • All Warriors gain +10 Armor.
  • All Warriors gain +25 Armor.


Earth Spirit: Earth Spirit summons a Stone Remnant off the map and pulls it towards his current target. Enemies struck by the incoming Stone Remnant are silenced for 3 seconds and take [100/150/200] damage.

Kunkka: Kunkka summons a ghostly ship that sails through the battle before smashing apart, dealing [50/125/250] damage and stunning all enemies up to [2/2/3] cells away from the wreckage for [1.0/1.3/1.7] seconds.

Pudge: Pudge launches a bloody hook towards his farthest enemy, dragging the victim back and dealing [150/220/290] damage.Pudge and allies 1 cell away will direct their attacks to the victim until it dies.

Slardar: Slardar modifies enemy armor by [-10/-20/-30] for 20 seconds.

Tidehunter: Tidehunter slams the ground, causing tentacles to erupt in all directions, dealing [100/150/250] damage and stunning all enemy units [1/2/3] cells away for [2/2.25/3] seconds.

Troll Warlord: Troll Warlord rains blow after blow gaining [12/16/20]% bonus increased attack speed per stack.If Troll changes targets, the stack drops to zero.This effect can only stack up to [8/12/16] times.

Tusk: Tusk connects with his mighty Walrus Punch, a critical strike that deals [300/350/400]% damage and launches its victim into the air for [1/1/1.5] second(s). Upon landing, the victim is slowed by 40% for [2/2/3] seconds and loses [0/0/40] Attack Speed. Tusk cannot be killed while punching.


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