Zilean Build S14 :: Runes, Items, Matchups [League of Legends]

Hey, We are Gametimeprime and this guide is about Zilean Build s14 in League of Legends.

Best Zilean build guides for League of Legends s14. We works hard to help you craft the best Zilean build for the meta. Learn more about Zilean’s Runes, Items, Matchups.

Zilean Support

Zilean Spells

Zilean Runes



Zilean Items


Core items

Full items

Zilean Skill

  • PASSIVE – TIME IN A BOTTLE: Zilean stores time as Experience and can grant it to his allies. When he has enough Experience to finish an ally’s level up, he can right-click them to impart it. Zilean receives as much Experience as he gives.
  • Q – TIME BOMB: Tosses a bomb to target area that sticks to units that come near it (prioritizes Champions). It detonates after 3 seconds, dealing area of effect damage. If a Time Bomb is detonated early by another Time Bomb, it also stuns enemies.
  • W – REWIND: Zilean can prepare himself for future confrontations, reducing the cooldowns of his other basic abilities.
  • E – TIME WARP: Zilean bends time around any unit, decreasing an enemy’s Move Speed or increasing an ally’s Move Speed for a short time.
  • R – CHRONOSHIFT: Zilean places a protective time rune on an allied champion, teleporting the champion back in time if they take lethal damage.

Zilean Ability Order

Skill Order: Q > E > W


Zilean Combo

  • Q > Q > W > Flash

Zilean Tips and Tricks

Zilean Pros and Cons

+ High mobility
+ Good slow (99% at lv 5)
+ Very good ult that corrects your teammates’ errors
+ AoE stun on a basic ability!
+ Strong ultimate!
+ Great mid-late game!
+ Very fast!
+ AMAZING team-figher!
+ Easy gank set up!
– Very Squishy
– Weak without ultimate
– You will get flamed if you forget to ult your ally.
– You need to position well or else you will die.

Zilean Threats & Synergies



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