Best Gardevoir Pokemon Unite build 2024:: Items & Moves

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Best Gardevoir build guides for Pokemon Unite 2024. We works hard to help you craft the best Gardevoir build for the meta. Learn more about Gardevoir’s abilities, Items, Moves, Combo & Gameplay.

Tier Rating: C Rank Icon
Role: Attacker
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Difficulty: Intermediate

Gardevoir Pokemon Unite build

AoE Damage Build

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Burst Damage Build

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Unite Move CDR Build

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    Gardevoir Moves and Ability

    Move Slot 1 (R):

    Confusion(Lv. 1 or 3): Shoots a psychic blast forward, dealing damage to enemy Pokemon hit.

    Psychic(Lv. 8)-Upgrade Lv. 14: Fires psychic energy that explodes after hitting an opposing Pokemon or traveling its maximum distance, dealing damage. Leaves a field of psychic energy that deals damage over time to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreases their movement speed for a short time.

    Moonblast(Lv. 8)-Upgrade Lv. 14: Has the user let out a blast forward while moving back to create a distance. When move’s blast hits, it deals damage to opposing to pposing Pokemon in a cone and leaves the opposing Pokemon closest to the user unable to act for a short time

    Move Slot 2 (ZR):

    Teleport(Lv. 1 or 3): Has the user warp to the designated area, boosting the next basic attack after warping.

    Psyshock(Lv. 6)-Upgrade Lv. 12: Attacks the designated location three times. This move’s cooldown is reduced each time one of these attacks hits an opposing Pokemon.

    Future Sight(Lv. 6)-Upgrade Lv. 12: Sets a delayed explosion in an area. When the explosion hits an opposing Pokemon, it reduces this move’s cooldown.

    Unite Moves (ZL):

    Fairy Singularity(Lv. 10): Warps space in the designated area, drawing in opposing Pokemon. Shoves and deals damage to opposing Pokemon the instant warped space disappears.

    Standard Attack:

    Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack. The boosted attack gains an area of effect, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and decreasing their Sp. Def for a short time.

    Ability (Passive):

    Synchronize: When an opponent inflicts decreased movement speed or a damage-over-time condition on Gardevoir, the same is inflicted on the opponent. This Ability goes on a 10 sec. cooldown after it’s triggered.

    Gardevoir’s Combo

    Combo 1: Standard Attack ► Teleport ► Standard Attack ► Confusion

    Gardevoir Double Boosted Attack.gif

    Combo 2: Night SPsyshock ► Psychic

    Gardevoir Psy Combo.gif

    Gardevoir’s Pros and Cons


    • Amazing AoE damage.
    • Solid attack range.
    • Insanely strong Unite Move.


    • Fragile.
    • Weak early game.

    Gardevoir’s Gameplay

    Gardevoir strikes its opponents from far away with its mysterious psychic power. It has a lot of moves with unique movements, but they are very powerful when used effectively.

    Gardevoir’s Unite Move is Fairy Singularity, which draws in opposing Pokémon before dealing damage.

    Threats & Synergies for Gardevoir



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