Best Venusaur Pokemon Unite build 2024:: Items & Moves

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Best Venusaur build guides for Pokemon Unite 2024. We works hard to help you craft the best Venusaur build for the meta. Learn more about Venusaur’s abilities, Items, Moves, Combo & Gameplay.

Tier Rating: SS Rank Icon
Role: Attacker
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage Type: Special
Difficulty: Intermediate

Venusaur Pokemon Unite build

Long Range Build

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Offensive Drain Tank Build

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Defensive Drain Tank Build

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    Venusaur Moves and Ability

    Move Slot 1 (R):

    Seed Bomb(Lv. 1 or 3): Throws a large seed in the target location and damages all enemy Pokemon within range.

    Giga Drain(Lv. 5)-Upgrade Lv. 11: Abosrbs the HP of enemy Pokemon within range. This Move deals damage to enemy Pokemon while restoring the HP of Venusaur. Can absorb more HP from more than one Pokemon. Venusaur also receives reduced damage for a short while.

    Sludge Bomb(Lv. 5)-Upgrade Lv. 11: Throws a dirty sludge at the target location that lingers for 4 seconds. Enemy Pokemon hit by this Move are slowed, have their Sp. Defense lowered, and dealt damage as long as they are in it.

    Move Slot 2 (ZR):

    Razor Leaf(Lv. 1 or 3): Venusaur shoots a lot of sharp leaves continuously in a line in front of it and damages all enemy Pokemon within the area of effect.

    Petal Dance(Lv. 7)-Upgrade Lv. 13: Venusaur scatters petals around them and increases their Movement Speed for 3 seconds while damaging enemy Pokemon near Venusaur for 5 seconds.

    Solar Beam(Lv. 7)-Upgrade Lv. 13: Fires a long range bundled beam of light that damages all enemy Pokemon in the area of effect. The damage is based on a percentage of the target’s max HP

    Unite Moves (ZL):

    Verdant Anger(Lv. 9): Hurls a large seed in the target location dealing damage, then splits into smaller seeds that all deal damage and slows enemy Pokemon in the area around them.

    Standard Attack:

    Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage and pulling the target towards you.

    Ability (Passive):

    Overgrow: Increases damage when HP is below 33%.

    Venusaur’s Combo

    Combo 1: Sludge Bomb ► Razor Leaf

    Sludge Bomb Razor Leaf Combo

    Combo 2: Sludge Bomb ► Solar Beam

    Sludge Bomb Solar Beam Combo

    Combo 3: Petal Dance ► Giga Drain

    Petal Dance Giga Drain Combo.gif

    Venusaur’s Pros and Cons


    • High damage.
    • Long range.
    • Large area of effect moves.


    •  Fragile early game.
    • Damaging moves require good aim.

    Venusaur’s Gameplay

    If its moves land successfully, Venusaur can deal a huge amount of damage to its opponents, even from far away.

    Venusaur’s Unite Move is Verdant Anger, an attack that shoots out a powerful seed bomb that scatters and damages Pokémon all around.

    Threats & Synergies for Venusaur



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