God-King TFT (Classes) Set 5: Comps, Items Build

God-King TFT (Classes) Set 5: If you have exactly one God-King they deal 30% bonus damage to enemies who have at least one of their Rival Traits. Garen’s Rival Traits: Forgotten, Nightbringer, Coven, Hellion, Dragonslayer, Abomination, Revenant. Darius’ Rival Traits: Redeemed, Dawnbringer, Verdant, Draconic, Ironclad.


Items build

Darius transforms into a God-Wolf, becoming unstoppable as he lunges towards a nearby enemy. God-Wolves join him in his hunt, each targeting their own prey. Enemies bitten by a God-Wolf are dealt a percent of Darius’s Attack Power as physical damage and have their Armor reduced by 60% for 6 seconds. After biting his prey, Darius’ next few attacks restore 10% of his maximum Health.

Garen calls down a sword that strikes a large area around his target, dealing a percent of each target’s max Health in magic damage and reducing their Magic Resist by 60% for 6 seconds. Garen gains a shield equal to 50% of his maximum Health for seconds.

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