Senna counter Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Senna

I will share the topic: ”How to Counter Senna in wild rift?”

Senna is capable of turning teamfights around with her Ultimate (Dawning Shadow) and camouflaging an entire team into gank with her Curse of the Black Mist. Senna boasts an amazing set of abilities that provide so much to your team.

To counter Senna, you need…

Who can counters Senna in wild rift?

Picking one champion you are familiar with and trying your best… Just make sure that champiom are up to the challenge, and are willing to go all out against this awful champion.

Best Picks Against Senna (Bot Lane): Zyra, Blitzcrank, Miss Fortune, Jhin, Varus, Janna, Ashe, Kaisa, Tristana, Nami,…

Worst Picks Against Senna (Bot Lane):  Galio, Braum, Jinx, Lulu, Seraphine,..

Items counters Senna in wild rift?

Tips Counter

Engage on her HARD: As soon as you hit level 2, start looking for small openings. If you can land any kind of crowd control ability on Senna, you are absolutely golden and can go in for the kill.

Do not trade with her: Stay as far away from Senna as you can. Farm, support poke, and general positioning. If Senna pokes you, don’t try to hit back, because she will overpower you and bring you down to a health level where you will risk dying if you don’t go back.

Get on top of her while she is alone: Senna is very vulnerable if she doesn’t have someone by her side, so if you catch her alone you should go in for the kill.

Understand skill of Senna

  • PASSIVE – ABSOLUTION: When units die near Senna, their souls are periodically trapped by the Black Mist. Senna can attack these souls to free them, absorbing the Mist that held them in death. Mist fuels her Relic Cannon’s power with increased Attack Damage, Attack Range, and Critical Strike Chance. Attacks from Senna’s Relic Cannon take longer to fire, deals bonus damage , and briefly grant her a portion of her target’s Movement Speed.
  • Skill 1 – PIERCING DARKNESS: From the twin barrels of her Relic Cannon, Senna fires a unified beam of light and shadow through a target, healing allies and damaging enemies.
  • Skill 2- LAST EMBRACE: Senna sends forth a wave of Black Mist. If it hits an enemy it latches onto them hungrily, rooting them and everything nearby after a brief delay.
  • Skill 3 – CURSE OF THE BLACK MIST: Senna draws the Mist she has stored in her weapon into a storm around her, embracing darkness and becoming a wraith within. Allies who enter the area are camouflaged and also appear as wraiths as the Mist shrouds them. Wraiths gain increased movement speed, are unselectable, and hide their identities.
  • Ultimate – DAWNING SHADOW: Senna calls upon the relic stones of fallen Sentinels, splitting her relic cannon into a holy array of shadow and light. She then fires a global beam that shields allies from harm, while damaging enemies caught in the center.
+ Unique support playstyle.
+ Has solo carry potential.
+ Has good damage and healing.
+ Global ult to turn teamfights across the map.
+ Strong early game and late game.
+ Versatile runes and build path.
+ Infinitely Scaling.
+ Great AD/AP Ratios.
+ Global Ultimate.
+ Fun and unique kit.
+ Camouflage entire team with your Skill 3.
+ Amazing Utility.
– Squishy, weak to dives.
– Relies on allies’ waveclear to get souls.
– Needs to play aggressive.
– Low crit damage.
– Weak mid-game.
– Low mobility.
– Easy-to-Miss ultimate.
– Can’t deal with tanks.
– Slow exploitable auto-attack animations.
– Extremely vulnerable VS Engage tanks/supports.
– Complicated item synergy with kit.
– Slow projectile with delayed CC.
– No escapes excluding Flash.
– Very expensive mana costs.

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