LOL Wild Rift Neeko Guide

League of Legends: Wild Rift Neeko Build Guide| Runes, Item Builds. Get to know how his abilities and ability Order for Neeko. Neeko also has good synergies with a lot of junglers for a very good early 2v2.


  • Role: Mage
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • PASSIVE – INHERENT GLAMOUR: Neeko can look like an ally champion. Taking damage from enemy Champions or casting damaging spells breaks the disguise.
  • BLOOMING BURST: Neeko throws a seed dealing magic damage. The seed blooms again on hitting champions or killing units.
  • SHAPESPLITTER: Neeko passively deals bonus magic damage every third attack. Neeko can activate to send a clone in a direction.
  • TANGLE-BARBS: Neeko slings a tangle that damage and root everything it passes through. If the tangle kills an enemy or passes through a champion, it becomes larger, faster, and roots for longer.
  • POP BLOSSOM: After a short preparation, Neeko leaps into the air and gains a shield. Upon landing, nearby enemies are damaged and stunned. The preparation is hidden if Neeko is disguised.

Neeko’s Pros and Cons

+ Good base damage
+ Great CC
+ Excellent at vision control
+ Only mage support with an escape
+ Fun passive
+ Peel/Engage
+ Lane bully
– Low range
– Squishy
– Hard to play from behind
– High skill floor
– Gets flamed by teammates
– Falls off late

Neeko’s Spells Wild Rift

For mid

For jungle

Neeko’s Runes Wild Rift

  • Electrocute: Basic attacks and abilities generate stacks on enemy champions hit, up to one per attack or cast. Applying 3 stacks to a target within a 3 second period causes them to be struck by lightning, dealing them 30 – 184 (based on level) (+ 40% bonus AD) (+ 25% AP) Adaptive damage.
  • Brutal: Gain 7 AD and 2% armor penetration, or 14 AP and 2% magic penetration. (Adaptive)
  • Regeneration: Every 3 seconds, regen 2% missing heath or mana based on whichever percentage is lower.
  • Sweet Tooth: Increases Honyfruit healing by 25%, Each fruit also provides 20 gold.

Neeko’s Items Wild Rift

Neeko’s Starters


Neeko’s core items

Full Items

  •  Mid Lane & Jungle Neeko Item Build
  • Best Item Build VS AD, AP, Assassin Champions
  • Best Item Build VS TANK Champions

Ability Order Neeko Wild Rift

Skill Order: Skill 1 > Skill 3 > Skill 2


Combo Neeko Wild Rift

  • Skill 3 > Flash > Skill 2 > Ultimate > Skill 1 > AA > Stasis Enchant

Counter to Neeko Wild Rift


Early Game is all about Bully Lane Dominance. Focus mainly on zoning your opponent from CSing and gaining experience.

Mid game: Focus on split pushing to create a lot of map pressure which helps your team get objectives and farm safely.

Late game: Once you’re full build, you can pretty much 1v1 almost anyone during the split push. Split push yourself to victory and remember to not get caught!

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