Seraphine counter Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Seraphine

I will share the topic: ” How to Counter Seraphine in wild rift?”

Seraphine has solid AoE and CC and fires her strong poke abilities from a safe range, and scales well into the late game.

To counter Seraphine, you need…

Who can counters Seraphine in wild rift?

Best Picks Against Seraphine: Nami, Varus, Lux…

Worst Picks Against Seraphine: Zigg, Miss Fortune, Pantheon, Ashe…

Items counters Seraphine in wild rift?

Understand skill of Seraphine

  • PASSIVE: STAGE PRESENCE: Every third ability cast will Echo, casting it again. Casting Seraphine’s abilities grants a Note to nearby allies. For each Note, Seraphine’s next basic attack gains Attack Range and bonus damage.
  • HIGH NOTE: Seraphine deals damage in an area, increased by enemies’ missing Health.
  • SURROUND SOUND: Seraphine shields all nearly ally champions and grants them Movement Speed. If Seraphine is already shielded, nearby allies are healed, increasing for each ally.
  • BEAT DROP: Seraphine deals damage and slows enemies. If the enemy is already slowed, they are rooted instead. If they are already rooted, they are stunned instead.
  • ULTIMATE – ENCORE: Seraphine deals damage in a line, charming and slowing enemies. Encore extends if it touches an ally or enemy champion.
+ Easy to learn, easy to play.
+ A lot of CC and AOE damage.
+ Massive shielding, healing and MS acceleration, which makes her…
+ Can be played on both MID and SUPP roles, so you have to choose the priority only.
+ Extremely useful in team fights!
+ Nice poke at the beginning due to her additional magic damage from the passive.
+ All her abilities have good range.
– Low HP and the champion is quite squishy.

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