Lu Bu AOV s24 build guide : Arcana, Rune, Items and Counter

How to play Lu Bu AOV ?

Lu Bu Arcana, Rune, Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Lu bu can resist enemy fire and regenerate his health while duking it out with opponents. 

Overview Lu bu

Lu Bu
Lu Bu


Hero Spotlight


When Lu Bu was but a boy, a jealous warlord killed his father, in an attempt to win his mother’s affection. However, when the warlord came after Lu Bu, his mother fled. The warlord’s men gave chase and Lu Bu’s mother could not outrun them. Lu Bu’s mother sustained several mortal wounds on her flight, but her love for her son enabled her to somehow make her way to a river… Read more

Lu bu Spell


Lu bu Arcana

We should use Arcana:

Indomitable x 10Attack Speed: +1%
Max HP: +33.7
Armor: +2.3
Guerrilla x 10Attack Speed: +1%
Movement Speed: +1%
Skewer x 10Attack Damage: +0.9
Armor Pierce: +6.4

Lu bu Items

Glided Greaves+110 Magic Defense
Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60 Unique Passive – Resistance +35%
Spear of Longinus+80 Attack Damage
+15% Cooldown Speed
+400 Max HP
Unique Passive – Shatter: Decreases target armor by 50 on hit for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.”
Frost Cape+10% Cooldown Speed
+200 Armor
+800 Max HP
Unique Passive – Elemental Power: After using an abilitythe next normal attack reduces movement speed by 30% and deals 150 physical damage (20 additional damage for each level gained) to an area. 3-second cooldown.
Hercules’s Madness+80 Attack Damage
+180 Armor
Unique Passive – Berserk: Increases Life Steal by 20% and gains a shield with (hero level*80 + 800) points for 8 seconds when HP is below 40%. 60-second cooldown.”
Medallion of Troy+10% Cooldown Speed
+360 Magic Defense
+1000 Max HP
Unique Passive – Blessed: Gains a shield that absorbs 300(+50 per level) magic damage every 18 seconds.”
Blade of Eternity+120 Armor
Unique Passive – Nirvana: Resurrects 2 seconds after death and gains 2000 + (hero level x 100) HP. Cooldown 150 seconds. (Tihs skill can only be triggered up to 2 times in the same match).
Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: Increases damage dealt by 10%.

Lu bu Rune




Try to hit as many enemies as possible with Conqueror to take advantage of Lu Bu’s bonus life steal from this ability.

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