TFT Chemtech Comp Set 6

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After dropping below 60% Health, Chemtech champions gain 25% Damage Reduction, 50% Attack Speed, and regenerate 5% of their maximum Health each second.

  • 3- Lasts 4 seconds
  • 5- Lasts 8 seconds
  • 7- Lasts 15 seconds
  • 9- Lasts until combat ends


Items build

Dr. Mundo injects himself with “medicine”, restoring 20% of his maximum Health and becoming energized for 6 seconds. While energized, he restores an additional percent of his maximum Health over the duration and deals magic damage to a random nearby enemy second. At the end of the spell, Dr. Mundo expels a burst of electricity that deals a percent of his current Health as magic damage to all enemies within two hexes.

Lissandra encases her target in an iron maiden, stunning them for 1.5 seconds and dealing magic damage to enemies within a large area. If Lissandra is below 50% Health, she encases herself instead, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and becoming untargetable and invulnerable for 2 seconds. Damage from this ability applies 40% Attack Damage reduction for 5 seconds.

Singed flings a nearby enemy towards the largest cluster of enemies, stunning his target when they land. All adjacent enemies take magic damage and are briefly stunned.

Twitch fires a powerful bolt towards his target that pierces through enemies hit, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage as physical damage and applying 50% Grievous Wounds for 5 seconds.

For the next 5 seconds, Urgot attacks the closest enemy at a fixed rate. Each attack deals 30% AD * 30% AS physical damage. (This ability’s damage scales with Attack Damage and Attack Speed.)

Viktor summons multiple singularities to fire death rays that cut across the battlefield in a line, melting through enemies’ defenses. Enemies caught in their path take magic damage, have a percent of any remaining shields destroyed, and suffer Armor Shred.

Passive: Warwick’s Attacks deal an additional percent of his target’s current Health as bonus magic damage, and heal him for the damage dealt.

Zac stretches his arms up to three hexes to pull the two most distant enemies towards him, dealing magic damage. Zac takes less damage while using this ability.

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