Counter Pantheon Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Pantheon

I will share the topic: ” How to Counter Pantheon wild rift?”

Pantheon is an Fighter who ability to Long Range Execute and Targetable Stun.

To counter Pantheon, you need…

Understand skill of Pantheon

  • PASSIVE – MORTAL WILL: Every few spells or attacks, Pantheon’s next spell is empowered.
  • COMET SPEAR: Pantheon either thrusts his spear or throws his spear in the chosen direction.
  • SHIELD VAULT: Pantheon dashes to a target, damaging and stunning them.
  • AEGIS ASSAULT: Pantheon sets his shield, becoming invulnerable to damage from the front and striking repeatedly with his spear.
  • ULTIMATE – GRAND STARFALL: Pantheon composes himself and then leaps into the air, landing at a chosen location as a comet.
+ High Map Pressure
+ Good 1v1 potential
+ Few Real Counters
+ Long Range Execute
+ Targetable Stun
+ Lane Bully at early stage
– Mana Hungry at early stage
– May struggle against Tanks
– Must Win the lane
– Weak at 5v5 Fight
– Weak if behind

Who can counters Pantheon wild rift?

Picking one champion you are familiar with and trying your best… Just make sure that champiom are up to the challenge, and are willing to go all out against this awful champion.

Best Picks Against Pantheon (Jungle): Galio, Sona, Alistar, Seraphine, Braum,…

Worst Picks Against Pantheon: Tristana, Blitzcrank, Lux, Gragas, Kai’sa, Nami,…

Items counters Pantheon wild rift?

Tip Counter

Avoid being at lower health levels, as he has a 100% crit chance on his auto attacks and his spear when you are below 15% health.

You can use your displacements when Pantheon uses Skill 2, this will cause him to fly away leaving you unstunned (if properly timed).

Pantheon uses a lot of mana. Try trading with him a lot and use some kind of sustain.

Watch out for the big red circle that appears on the ground, this means that Pantheon’s about to use his ultimate to initiate a fight.

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