Kassadin counter Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Kassadin

I will share the topic: ”How to Counter Kassadin in wild rift?”

Kassadin allows you to get your power spikes way earlier and snowball through the game. With his stacked ultimate + other abilities he can easily one shot enemies at level 6 or higher.

To counter Kassadin, you need…

Understand Kassadin


  • Easy to learn
  • Works in every rank.
  • Great solo carry.
  • Burst mage.
  • Good 1v1 potential.
  • High burst damage.


  • Vulnerable.
  • No hard cc.
  • Easy to kill.
  • Has many counters.
  • Flash is very important.
  • CC is a big problem for you.

Who can counters Kassadin in wild rift?

Picking one champion you are familiar with and trying your best… Just make sure that champiom are up to the challenge, and are willing to go all out against this awful champion.


Kassadin only counters all AP champs so, sending AD champions. Kassadin gets completely countered by AD damage early game due to him being melee and having a passive only strong against AP.

Best Picks Against Kassadin: Zed, Yasuo, Riven, Irelia,…

Worst Picks Against Kassadin: Brand, Katarina, Annie, Ahri,…

Items counters Kassadin in wild rift?

Tips Counter

Kassadin has a very weak early game, so play very agressive and force him to back as many times as possible.

Avoid getting close to Kassadin, his mana restore on enemy champion hit allows for him to poke you more.

Try to disable (using skill: stun/snare/knock-up) him if he uses his Riftwalk aggressively.

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