Payna AOV S24 build guide : Arcana, Rune, Items and Counter

How to play Payna AOV ?

Payna Arcana, Rune, Item Builds Guide for Arena of Valor (AoV). Payna is a Support who ability Heals and pranks enemies very well.

Overview Payna



Hero Spotlight
Payna aov voice

Spell’s Payna


Arcana’s Payna

We should use Arcana:

Enlightened x 10Ability Power: +5.3
Colossus x 10Max HP: +75
Mythril x 10Armor: +5
Magic Defense: +5

Item’s Payna

Mother Earth: Barrier+ 10 % Cooldown Speed
+ 400 Max Hp
+ 5% Movement Speed
Hermes SelectUnique Passive – Swift: Increases movement speed by 60 after exiting battle. Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60″
Frostys Revenge+140 Ability Power
+850 Max Mana
+5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – Chill: Abilities that deal damage will also reduce movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds.
The Aegis+20% Cooldown Speed
+400 Max Mana
+360 Armor
Unique Passive – Spirit Bond: When taking damagereduces the attack’s attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds.
Tome Of The Reaper+240 Ability Power
+500 Max Mana
Unique Passive – Soul Prison: On dealing damagereduces target’s HP regeneration by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If this is triggered by normal attacksthe duration is extended to 3 seconds.
Medallion of Troy+10% Cooldown Speed
+360 Magic Defense
+1000 Max HP
Unique Passive – Blessed: Gains a shield that absorbs 300(+50 per level) magic damage every 18 seconds.

Rune’s Payna


Lokheim – Veda

Hero counter to Payna

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