Best Gengar Pokemon Unite build 2024:: Items & Moves

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Best Gengar build guides for Pokemon Unite 2024. We works hard to help you craft the best Gengar build for the meta. Learn more about Gengar’s abilities, Items, Moves, Combo & Gameplay.


Tier Rating: S Rank Icon
Role: Speedster
Attack Type: Melee
Damage Type: Special
Difficulty: Expert

Gengar Pokemon Unite build

Burst Build

  • Moves
  • Held Items
  • Battle Items

Assist Build

  • Moves
  • Held Items
  • Battle Items

Damage Over Time Build

  • Moves
    • Held Items
    • Battle Items

    Gengar Moves and Ability

    Move Slot 1 (R):

    Will-O-Wisp(Lv. 1 or 3): Shoots 3 fireballs. When a fireball hits, it deals damage and inflicts burn.

    Sludge Bomb(Lv. 5)-Upgrade Lv. 11: Throws a dirty sludge at the target location. When the attacks hits, inflicts poison to all enemy Pokemon hit.

    Shadow Ball(Lv. 5)-Upgrade Lv. 11: Throws a ball of shadow that goes through terrain. If the attack hits, it slows down and decreases their Sp. Defense.

    Move Slot 2 (ZR):

    Lick(Lv. 1 or 3): Gengar sticks out its tongue and attacks pulling enemies towards them.

    Hex(Lv. 7)-Upgrade Lv. 13: Gengar disappears then teleports and repeats at the target location. When Gengar reappears they deal damage to Pokemon in a small area around the location. If the enemy Pokemon is affected by debuff, this skill damage is increased and cooldown is reduced.

    Dream Eater(Lv. 7)-Upgrade Lv. 13: Fires a projectile that puts enemy Pokemon to sleep on hit, and allows Gengar to use the Move again. If Gengar is in range and uses the Move again after hitting it, Gengar teleports behind the Pokemon and deals damage while restoring their own HP. Will also reduce the cooldown of Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb.

    Unite Moves (ZL):

    Phantom Ambush(Lv. 9): Teleports a short distance and then becomes invisible, gaining increased Movement Speed. When used again, Gengar will go out of invisibility and scare nearby opponents, damaging and slowing them.

    Standard Attack:

    Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, lunging at an opposing Pokemon and dealing damage.

    Ability (Passive):

    Levitate: When not in battle, Gengar’s Movement Speed increases.

    Gengar’s Combo

    Combo 1: Sludge Bomb ► Hex ~

    Gengar Sludge Hex Burst Combo.gif

    Combo 2: Shadow Ball ► Dream Eater ► Shadow Ball or Phantom Ambush

    Gengar Multi-Strike Combo.gif

    Combo 3: Shadow Ball ► Dream Eater ► Shadow Ball or Phantom Ambush

    Gengar - Combo - Burst Combo.gif

    Gengar’s Pros and Cons


    • Status inducing moves.
    • Good damage bursts.
    • Good range despite being a melee attacker.


    • Fragile.
    • Can only shine mid to late game.

    Gengar’s Gameplay

    Gengar, a Pokémon that lurks in the shadows, is a master of surprise attacks.

    It can sneak up behind its opponents without making a sound. On top of that, its Unite Move, Phantom Ambush, lets it turn invisible. It’s a move truly befitting Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon!

    Threats & Synergies for Gengar



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