Slowbro counter Pokemon Unite – Best Counters for Slowbro

Hey Guys! This is Blog Game Gametimeprime and this guide is about best Counters for Slowbro. Slowbro is a Pokémon that can close the distance in an instant and deal massive amounts of damage.

Pokemon counter Slowbro

Best pokemon counters for Slowbro are: Greninja, Absol , Gengar, Talonflame, Zeraora,…

Tip counter Slowbro

Pick “High Mobility Pokemon”.

Slowbro’s disables make it the ideal Pokemon for shutting down enemies that rely on high mobility to be fully effective.

Undersand about Slowbro


  • Good range.
  • Great support skills.
  • Can vary builds based on moveset.


  • Low damage output.
  • Low HP for a Defender.

Slowbro’s Unite Move is Slowbeam, which locks opponents in place. However, Slowbro itself also becomes unable to move, so it’s best to have some backup from allies.

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